3-Day Classic Walk

3 nights / luggage transfer

2-Day Hikers Option

2 nights / carry pack

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Bring

Gear List

Sleeping bag (unless you have booked a private room)
Tramping boots
Adequate clothing for all Weather Conditions
Personal Locator Beacon
Sun hat / Woollen hat
Walking poles are recommended
A water bottle
A day-pack for 3-Day Classic Walkers
Cash (for shop)
Sunglasses/Reading glasses
Hut footwear
Towel (unless you have booked a private room)
Personal bathroom items

Food and Water

There is spring-fed drinking water available at all accommodations. Make sure you bring a big enough water bottle to last the whole day.

You will need to bring food for all meals until you get to Stony Bay Cottages, although Flea Bay Cottage and Ōnuku Trampers Hut have milk, drinks, and chocolate bars available.

On your last evening at Stony Bay, there is a Walker’s shop. This shop is well stocked and open to walkers throughout their stay. It is restocked daily and provides sufficient choice and quantity to cater to individuals or groups. Expect to pay prices roughly similar to a remote country dairy and don’t forget to bring cash.

As well as a good supply of cold drinks, this shop includes:
Cereals, milk, bread, butter, bacon, eggs, chocolate, biscuits, cheese, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, soup, tinned fish, tinned fruit, tinned tomatoes, noodles, pasta, potatoes, sausages, steaks, mince, and ice cream.

Walking Poles

Many walkers find walking poles an extremely useful addition to their pack, as the terrain can be steep and slippery at times.

What The Huts Include

Each accommodation has hot showers and flush toilets.

Pillows and pillowcases are provided and all kitchens are fully equipped including stoves, pots, pans, plates, coffee plungers, tea, instant coffee, cutlery, etc as well as cleaning materials and tea towels. You do not need to bring any kitchen items. There are also rubbish bins at all huts.

Pack Transport

Pack Transport

On the 3-Day Classic Walk, we will transfer your pack for you to each accommodation and to Akaroa on the last day, so you only have to carry a day pack with lunches, water bottles, and extra clothing for safety.

Please try to keep pack cartage as easy to handle as possible. Strong soft-sided bags that can be carried with handles are preferred.

On the 2-Day Hikers Option, you will have to carry your own pack while hiking.

Pack Size Limit

Transport of 1 pack per person up to 15kg is included in your 3-Day Classic Walk booking, if you require extra items transported, they must be pre-booked and paid.

Chilly Bins

If you are travelling with multiple people you can replace one of your packs with a chilly bin or book additional pack cartage. Maximum size for chilly bins 45cm (L) x 30cm (W) x 40cm (H).

Fitness and Difficulty

Track Distances and Times

Section 1: Onuku – Flea Bay. 11 km, 5-7 hrs
Section 2: Flea Bay – Stony Bay. 8 km, 3-5 hrs
Section 3: Stony Bay – Akaroa. 12 km, 5-7 hrs

3-Day Classic Walk - Moderate

The 3-Day Classic Walk covers one section per day. Grade classification – moderate. We will transfer your packs for you between accommodations, so you only have to carry a day pack.

2-Day Hikers - Demanding

The 2-Day Hikers Option covers sections one and two on the first day and section three on the second day. Grade classification – demanding. You will carry your pack while hiking.

General Info

Penguin Tour

Our 3-Day Walkers have the option to join a tour on their second evening including penguins in season (approx. Oct to Jan and April). Find out more information here.

Cell Phone Reception

There is cell phone reception on day one until you reach the halfway shelter and on day three once you reach the top. There is no cell phone reception at Flea Bay and Stony Bay. 

Walking Season

We welcome you to walk Banks Track from 1st October to 30th April each year.

Gift Vouchers

The gift of experience and nature on Banks Peninsula. A Banks Track gift voucher allows the recipient to choose when they want to walk Banks Track.

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Refund Policy

90% refund when at least 60 days notice is given
50% refund when at least 14 days notice is given otherwise payment is forfeited.
Bookings can be rescheduled within the same season when at least 30 days notice is given.
Cancelled bookings may be refilled.

Acceptance of Risk

All activities have an element of risk and all walkers undertaking Banks Track do so voluntarily and at their own risk.

We will do all in our power to maintain our track and accommodation in a safe condition for your enjoyment.

Banks Track excludes, to the fullest extent possible under law, all liability for loss or damage suffered by the walker in relation to the Banks Track.

Banks Track Right to Cancel Any Activity

Banks Track reserves all rights to cancel any activity at its discretion for (but not limited to) any of the following reasons:

a) weather conditions;

b) unsuitability of walker(s) due to reasons such as ill health, poor fitness, intoxication or any other reasons rendering a walker unsuitable or unfit to participate in the activity;

c) any other circumstances which are beyond the reasonable control of Banks Track.